Han Schrijver

Budgerigar breeder

I am a certified judge since 1992. I am qualified (WBO)Judge of NGC-DBS (Holland).

Since then I judged a lot of shows abroad for example:

  • More than once on all district shows in Holland…
  • Several babyshows in Holland.
  • Several times the national clubshow (NGC-DBS) in Holland.
  • Several times the national babyshow (NGC-DBS) in Holland.
  • Several babyshows in Belgium.
  • Several times on district shows in Belgium.
  • Several times the national clubshow of the B.G.C. in Belgium.
  • The worldchampionship BS clubshow in England 2000.
  • The national clubshow of the AZ-DWV, Kassel, in Germany.
  • The "Europaschau", Karlsruhe, in Germany.
  • Landesjungvogelschau Niedersachsen/Bremen, in Germany.
  • The clubshow of the SWV in Switzerland.
  • 2005 Clubshow of Israel.
  • Show in France at Orléans.
  • Clubshow NBS 2007,Sialkot Pakistan.
  • DSV Bundesschau Mönchengladbach.
  • Young stock show Norway.
  • National DUK 2012/2013 clubshow, Denmark.

As a judge you have the privalige to decide which bird is the best for winning a class,or even more! As a basis you have to take in mind two important tools during judging; the written standard and the pictorial ideal. Above that the eye for a modern show budgie is essential. It is my opinion that a bird should sit on the perch, even it is only a split second, before you can give your final judgement. As a judge you should respect the exhibitor and therefor all birds has to be judged precisely.

A winning show budgerigar should be a high quality bird which is beautiful balanced and in harmony!

The bird must be an elegant appearance!