Han Schrijver

Budgerigar breeder

One day my father bought in an enthousiastic mood a complete aviary with several species of birds. Actually, this was the start for me of keeping birds. First we kept birds in several flights and let them do colony breeding. During the years I became member of a bird society. Then my father came home with some English budgerigars. What a difference with the normal budgerigars. We decided to focus on the English budgerigars and from this point it really went on seriously. My father and I started a partnership and we visited some fanciers and purchased some budgerigars. We also started breeding with pairs in seperate cages and started showing our birds on small local shows. After some years we became member of a specialized society for English budgerigars.

We started in the beginner section and some years later we were already champion breeders. This status we kept until today. To keep the champion status we decided that we have to hunt on a regular basis for the best outcrosses we could get within our budget. We also started to visit England famous budgerigar breeders. With this birds we managed to keep a reasonable quality                                                    stud of birds.   

In 1990 I got the possibility to start with a training to become a budgerigar judge. In 1992 I passed for the test. Since I became a judge I met many more budgerigar breeders. I also visited many breeders at their homes. Among these breeders was the number one of budgerigar world; Jo Mannes. The first visit to him was unbelievable. I never saw such number of quality birds together in one birdroom. It was obvious that I wanted birds from this super stud but ofcourse I was not the only one. But Jo Mannes was willing to sell me birds on a regular basis and today I can say that a lot of Mannes bloodline is bred into my stud.

Still the hobby gives a lot of pleasure and that is the most important thing.